September 4th, 2016

“NEW INTIMACIES” at XYZ collective

Kaoru Kan + Kazuhito Tanaka

Artists: Ei Arakawa + Sergei Tcherepnin, Fumio Inoue + Ayako Nagata, Lisa Jo + Nikolas Gambaroff, Kaoru Kan + Kazuhito Tanaka, COBRA + Yui Yaegashi, Katsuhiro Saiki + Emi Nisiwaki, Mizuki Takagi + Kazuyuki Takezaki, Puppies Puppies + Forrest Olivo, Jeffrey Rosen + Misako Rosen

Venue: XYZ collective, Tokyo

Exhibition Title: NEW INTIMACIES

Date: August 7 – September 4, 2016

Note: Audio associated with the exhibition can be found here.

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"NEW INTIMACIES" at XYZ collective

Kazuyuki Takezaki + Mizuki Takagi

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COBRA + Yui Yaegashi, The exotic communication Vol,2, 2016, Jenga, Acrylic paint, HD Video, 17min42sec (Video) , 8 x 8 x 28cm


Ei Arakawa + Sergei Tcherepnin, documentation of Licking at Listening, 2014, brass board, transducer, amplifier, ipod, sticker


Katsuhiro Saiki + Emi Nishiwaki, Signal, 2016, HD video, 17min



The English audio intro for the exhibition by Jeffrey Rosen + Misako Rosen can be found here.

The Japanese audio intro by Jeffrey Rosen + Misako Rosen can be found here.



Images, video, and audio courtesy of XYZ collective, Tokyo

Press Release:

Institutions, exhibitions, publications, and art criticism ‒ the various mechanisms of the art world – all revolve around the individual style of the singular artist. The relationships between the artist and his/her peers seems to remain in the background. Questions arise. How could we know if two artists sharing a studio influence each other? How could their ideas emerge out of discussions at the dinner table? Or how could their perceptions be shaped by the mutual experience of traveling together?

This exhibition invites nine couples. They are artists, gallerists, and curators. Many of the couples donʼt collaborate regularly. Yes, they love each other, but they sometimes criticize each other too. In some occasions, they must compromise their wills for one another. They might even break up in the future. Thereʼs so much complexity to a love relationship – what kind of particular “intimacy” could we locate between them?

Today, we know what is happening, and what is being discussed around the world because of internet and smart phones. We can participate in the highly personal event of a friend who is far away as if it is happening right in front of our eyes. The relationships between people occur on a global scale, but “intimacy” is still a primal currency.

The “intimacy” of two which is developed by spending everyday together. The “intimacy” of two as a result of emotional quarrel. The “intimacy” of  communication behind the technological advancement. The “intimacy” of the struggle to understand your partnerʼs thought and art practice. This exhibition focuses on such exchanges between couples. The exhibition asks each couple to make artwork as a collaboration.

A couple is a small unit, but its complexities exist in the history and emotional landscape of the relationship. Their artwork could claim a new standard in todayʼs highly speed information society. The couples will present unexpected values in this exhibition, and make them available toward the public. The possibilities of “new intimacies” are coming. Itʼs embarrassing to call this “love”, but this exhibition will discover it at last.

Link: “NEW INTIMACIES” at XYZ collective

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