October 11th, 2016

Gretchen Faust at greengrassi

Artist: Gretchen Faust

Venue: greengrassi, London

Exhibition Title: Aint Wet Paint

Date: September 9 – October 8, 2016

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Images courtesy of greengrassi, London

Press Release:

This exhibition is anchored by “Every contact leaves a trace”, 2016, an installation of 5,000, out of a total of 6,000, cut pieces of paper. Faust created the work from 4 inch squares of double-sided gold archival paper which she folded several times and then cut. Although this process is repetitive, each element it produces is unique. Between installations all of the elements are stored in boxes made to Faust’s specifications, 1,000 elements per box.

The exhibition also includes:

Boxed jigsaw puzzles made from original photos. These “unique” readymades are designated as art only so long as they are left wrapped and unopened.

Three drawings, from a group of seven, 2007-2015, in ink of texts taken from an adaptation of St. Francis of Assisi’s blessing of the animals, headlines from The Guardian, and the Gospel of St. Matthew.

“Eyeline”, 2016, a small pin and thread sculpture intended to be placed on the wall at the eyelevel of the owner, it’s installation then functioning as a portrait. In this instance, its placement was determined by the artist’s eyelevel.

Link: Gretchen Faust at greengrassi

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