October 26th, 2016

Morag Keil at Eden Eden

Morag Keil at Eden Eden

Artist: Morag Keil

Venue: Eden Eden, Berlin

Exhibition Title: passive aggressive

Date: September 10 – October 29, 2016

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Morag Keil at Eden Eden

Morag Keil at Eden Eden

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Morag Keil, excerpt from Passive Aggressive, 2016, 6 screen video installation with sound, 10 mins 54 secs, looped, Unique



Images and video courtesy of the artist and Isabella Bortolozzi, Berlin. Photos by Henry Trumble.

Press Release:

Passive Aggressive is a short video loop, running on 6 screens throughout the gallery all synced. The title is a balance of two approaches in the video and installation, bouncing from passive to aggressive and not sticking with either one. Multiple stationary motorbikes were filmed, I was thinking about objects or images that embody desire or fantasy and to me a motorbike is a kind of cheesy, semi-macho idea of fantasy. A machine that embodies an idea of desire, but also in itself is like a body. All these machines are parked stationary and I did not know the owners or have access to them, just filmed as they sit on the street. I specifically picked road bikes that have a more solid sporty shape because to me they seemed more an example of fantasy. The repeating images of these bikes are interrupted by glitches taken from different UK adverts and gifs or online animated images. Each advert is animated and uses a cute animated character to invite people into their product. One is Nutmeg, an investment managing app, that uses animated bears to sell its app. Another is EDF Energy, which uses an animated flame in its ads and then the Lloyds TSB’s advert series “For the Journey”, which shows animated people pass through certain life experiences but all on a fast moving train. There are other animation fragments in the video that are not from ads – some femme eyes that wink at you, a camera blur effect that gives the film silence for a short while and a scene from a Sonic the Hedgehog fan film that uses a mashup of different video game motifs. All these aspects are fragmented sections meant to interrupt the motorbike footage. As the video comes to the end of the loop, voices come in that are taken from a recording of an argument in the Big Brother house, where the contestants are doing the shopping list but instead of spending the full £100 as a group they have chosen to split it into individual personal allowances of £8 each. The voices you hear are contestants complaining about this system and saying that they are used to everyone sharing food. Then the femme eyes wink at you, the loop goes into one of the Big Brother intros, and video collage loops again.

Link: Morag Keil at Eden Eden

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