November 9th, 2016

Felix Gonzalez-Torres, “Untitled” (Portrait of Julie Ault), 1991

Felix Gonzalez-Torres “Untitled” (Portrait of Julie Ault), 1991 Paint on wall Dimensions vary with installation Installation view of: Felix Gonzalez-Torres. Andrea Rosen Gallery, New York. 3 May – 18 June, 2016. Cur. Julie Ault and Roni Horn. Images courtesy of Andrea Rosen Gallery, New York. © The Felix Gonzalez-Torres Foundation.

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Today we’ve suspended our regular schedule in favor of publishing documentation of a single artwork, Felix Gonzalez Torres’ “Untitled” (Portrait of Julie Ault).


“Archiving is in part a rescue mission; the threat of disappearance propels the thinking behind the archive. Instituting something in the archive removes it from jeopardy. The legitimacy of a subject—a person, place, event, practice, organization, community, or movement is designated as valuable, and positioned on the verge of becoming history. Instituting and inscribing into systems of history also means that the responsibility of memory gets consigned to the archive and its future use. So there’s a liberatory dimension involved, as well as optimism. People, things, and events can seem to come to life in the archive.”

Julie Ault in “Active Recollection: Marvin J. Taylor in Conversation with Julie Ault”

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