December 21st, 2016

Marie Angeletti at Carlos/Ishikawa

Marie Angeletti at Carlos/Ishikawa

Artist: Marie Angeletti

Venue: Carlos/Ishikawa, London

Exhibition Title: Les Nouveaux Commanditaires

Date: November 17 – December 21, 2016

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Marie Angeletti at Carlos/Ishikawa

Marie Angeletti at Carlos/Ishikawa

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Marie Angeletti, excerpt from Saturnine, 2016, HD video, 31 min 45 sec



Images and video courtesy of the artist and Carlos/Ishikawa, London

Press Release:

This exhibition presents two works coming from commissions.

SATURNINE was commissioned by Les Nouveaux and made in collaboration with Julien Laugier. It relates to an event we organized with the students at an agricultural Highschool in Moulins, a city in the middle of France, last March 2016.

Les Nouveaux Commanditaires commission artworks in response to or in dialogue with local communities and specific territories.

On their website, under the window “Mission”, it says: ‘The work of art emancipates itself from the status of a commodity, to gain a value that is no longer speculative, but dependent upon its use within society.’

It’s all connected – how to avoid speculation?

The two photos (Sissi Satan 01 and 02) originate from a commission made for the Kunsthalle Wien in June 2015.

Link: Marie Angeletti at Carlos/Ishikawa

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