January 10th, 2017

Mary Reid Kelley at Museum Leuven

Mary Reid Kelley at Museum Leuven

Artist: Mary Reid Kelley

Venue: Museum Leuven

Date: September 30, 2016 – January 8, 2017

Note: A guide accompanying the exhibition is available for download here.

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Mary Reid Kelley at Museum Leuven

Mary Reid Kelley at Museum Leuven

Mary Reid Kelley at Museum Leuven

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Images courtesy of Museum Leuven. Photos by Dirk Pauwels.

Press Release:

For her first Belgian solo exhibition, Kelley is presenting The Syphilis of Sisyphus (2011), as well as her video trilogy about the myth of the minotaur (Priapus Agonistes (2013), Swinburne’s Pasiphae (2014) and The Thong of Dionysus (2015)). During an extended period in Rome, Kelley became intrigued by the story of the Minotaur. Half man, half bull, this legend symbolizes a fierce and tragic brutality. Kelley has made the minotaur a female monster. Peppered with pop culture and references to contemporary music stars, she gives this ancient legend a new face in her video trilogy. In addition, she is presenting a mural, photos, works on paper, and several props from her films.

This exhibition at M coincides with a complementary show at Kunsthalle Bremen presenting her four earliest videos on the First World War. Mary Reid Kelley’s first solo exhibitions in Europe thus for the first time give a complete survey of her video work.

At the end of September, Mary Reid Kelley was awarded the prestigious American ‘MacArthur Fellowship 2016’. The award was given not only in recognition of her exceptional creativity, but also to encourage the further development of her career.

Collaboration with Kunsthalle Bremen

Link: Mary Reid Kelley at Museum Leuven

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