April 21st, 2017

Morag Keil at Real Fine Arts

Morag Keil at Real Fine Arts

Artist: Morag Keil

Venue: Real Fine Arts, New York

Exhibition Title: Passive Aggressive 2

Date: March 18 – April 23, 2017

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Morag Keil at Real Fine Arts

Morag Keil at Real Fine Arts

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Morag Keil, Passive Aggressive 2, 2017 single channel video on monitor, pedestal 6 minutes



Images and video courtesy of the artist and Real Fine Arts, New York

Press Release:

Passive Aggressive 2 is made up of 3 elements in the gallery. The short video loop on the small monitor, the photo frame in the drawer embedded in the wall of the gallery, and the helmet with a flip cam embedded in the back of it. The title for the show is taken from an exhibition I did earlier this year that was a short looping video of stationary motorbikes interrupted by ads and video effects. The video in this show is also a short loop but this time made up of different acts of agency.

In the kitchen, which is clean and controlled a young girl runs around disrupting the space by opening all the cupboards. In the next scene a motorbike weaves its way through London traffic with a lens flare overlaid on the footage. Then a woman sits at her computer in her room surrounded by her stuff, being filmed by all her devices, as she works on her computer. The footage flicks from device to device watching her from different angles. She watches a speeded up 3D rendering construction of a corridor that has industrial music playing over it and as it proceeds images from the kitchen and her room flash up on the screen.

A 3D animated corridor of doors appears and the camera loops through them in an infinite cycle and then back to the girl in the kitchen opening all the drawers, but this time the footage is filmed from her point of view and then the video goes into another animated corridor of doors and loops again. The images on the 3D photo frame are stills from the film along with a sign in screen from an HP Surface that reads ‘Sign in with your face.’ The digital photo frame comes with the phrase ‘It’s what’s inside that counts’ written on it. The helmet at the other side of the gallery was made so that it films point of view shots, so the footage gives the sense that you are inside the helmet.

Thanks to Louis Backhouse, Eildihi Nuala Duffy, Lily Patten, Luke Frith Powell, Alice Frith Powell, Samara Scott and Hannah Quinlan for their help making the video.

Link: Morag Keil at Real Fine Arts

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