April 28th, 2017

Rainer Ganahl at Panorama Boa Vista

Rainer Ganahl at

Artist: Rainer Ganahl

Venue: Panorama Boa Vista, Porto

Exhibition Title: Manhattan Marxism

Date: April 13 – May 14, 2017

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Rainer Ganahl at

Rainer Ganahl at

Rainer Ganahl at

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Images courtesy of Panorama Boa Vista, Porto

Press Release:

In this exhibition, Rainer Ganahl combines his projects Manhattan Marxism and Strange Teaching, emphasizing the aspect of exploitation.

Ganahl, a professor of fine art, calls his art education Strange Teaching, an educational extravaganza, and invites his and other teachers’ students to participate in his art endeavors.  A variety of strange teaching projects that have so far taken place include squatting in a dilapidated department store in Leipzig, a lecture and studio visit marathon in New York City, and now a sweat shop production here in Porto. To learn more about Strange Teaching Porto click here.

Manhattan Marxism has previously taken place at Kunstmuseum Lichtenstein (2012), White Columns, New York (2013), and De Vleshaal, Middelburg (2014). Ganahl is interested in Karl Marx as a theoretician and as a metaphor for a more just world. He is interested in convivial spaces to be shared with others.

His guiding idea for the Porto edition of Manhattan Marxism consists of working with wool in a preindustrial way. The students spin, make felt and produce works from scratch that compare and compete with five machine-knitted pieces that are made possible with the help of STOLLs knitting computers. The work process is documented and quantified. Thus, it is meant to raise consciousness about the manifold complicated hidden production processes that enter the consumer products we purchase at department stores for little money. Like a Do It Yourself (Marxian) superstructure, a series of guest lectures with visiting local and international artists and critics, as well a presentation by the participating students, accompany the hard and restless labor of the unpaid work program.

Ganahl’s exhibition is complemented with a separate show of works by the selection of students from the  AbK-Stuttgart and FBAU Porto who volunteered to be “exploited” by the artist.

Participating students: Marta Arcanio, Juliana Boller, Carmen Velert Castellanos, Josephine Ducat, Leila Dendic, Elmar Mellert, Ruxin Lui, Grecia Paola, Soraia Pinheiro, Gil Raro, Clara Silva, Rintaro Takahashi.

Link: Rainer Ganahl at Panorama Boa Vista

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