May 16th, 2017

Daniel Pflumm at 6817 Melrose

Daniel Pflumm at 6817 Melrose

Artist: Daniel Pflumm

Venue: 6817 Melrose, Los Angeles

Date: April 7 – May 17, 2017

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Daniel Pflumm at 6817 Melrose

Daniel Pflumm at 6817 Melrose

Daniel Pflumm at 6817 Melrose

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Images courtesy of 6817 Melrose, Los Angeles

Press Release:

DANIEL PFLUMM (B. 1968, Geneva, Switzerland) is a central figure in the effervescent cultural scene and underground club culture of 1990s Berlin. Pflumm plays a key role in creating and engaging, in the context of capitalism’s conquest of the former East, a critical dialogue between electronic music production, art making and corporate aesthetics. Using a strategy of Situationist detournement, Pflumm has developed through digital techniques a form of Pop Art with an emphasis on the minimalist–influenced abstraction of corporate and mass media imagery.

Pflumm founded in Berlin the legendary clubs Elektro (1992-1994) and Panasonic (1995 – 1997) along with techno label Elektro Music Department (EMD). It is within the specific setting of those clubs that Pflumm initially conceived and integrated light boxes dissecting corporate logos stripped of their identifying names and TV monitors playing ad absurdum video-loops of corporate logos and TV commercials rhythmically pulsating with the music of the club.

For the exhibition, specific works have been selected in order to simulate the essence of PFLUMM’s philosophy and critique behind his establishments.

Text, courtesy of Galerie Neu

Link: Daniel Pflumm at 6817 Melrose

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