May 25th, 2017

Quintessa Matranga at Freddy

Quintessa Matranga at Freddy

Artist: Quintessa Matranga

Venue: Freddy, Harris

Exhibition Title: VelvetAngelFire

Date: May 6 – 27, 2017

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Quintessa Matranga at Freddy

Quintessa Matranga at Freddy

Quintessa Matranga at Freddy

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Images courtesy of Freddy, Harris. Photos by Harry Gould Harvey IV.

Press Release:

Freddy is pleased to welcome you back to another season of programming.
After a long cold winter, we are excited to begin with a show of new paintings by Quintessa Matranga.

Through painting these I started to think about the toilet in two new ways. One was as a symbol of contemplation or critique. I think this is true of the two pictures with the museums in the background. I wanted to paint toilets with a view of the SFMOMA and the Guggenheim. Those museums are representative of San Francisco (where I used to live) and New York (where I currently live). It’s very lightheartedly critiquing institutional critique (in my mind). In the SFMOMA painting I used the old building, before the renovation, because I think its architecture is more iconic and because that’s how I remember it looking when I lived there.

For the Guggenheim one I think there’s a sort of play with the Maurizio Cattelan golden toilet that’s currently on view/installed in the museum. It’s referencing that, but I’m not sure how important that actually is.

The other way I started thinking about the toilets is as an extension of the human anatomy. It’s like the body’s trash can. It even has some of the qualities of the body. For example: water and (our) DNA. The toilet functions as an inbetween place – between our humanselves and our houses, or our built physical surroundings. It’s something of a portal where our body blends into our world.

The toilet can also be seen as sort of the marker of modern western civilization. The horror of a toilet not working throws everything into chaos.

Link: Quintessa Matranga at Freddy

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