June 7th, 2017

Andrei Koschmieder at Real Fine Arts

Andrei Koschmieder at Real Fine Arts

Artist: Andrei Koschmieder

Venue: Real Fine Arts, New York

Date: May 6 – June 11, 2017

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Andrei Koschmieder at Real Fine Arts

Andrei Koschmieder at Real Fine Arts

Andrei Koschmieder at Real Fine Arts

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Images courtesy of Real Fine Arts, New York

Press Release:

Andrei Koschmieder’s show is the relationship between two sites, NYSouvenir and Giftshop, and Real Fine Arts.

The two sites serve to compromise each other.

NYSouvenir and Gifts is a tourist shop Koschmieder constructed within his studio above Joe’s Shanghai on Pell St in Chinatown to sell artist-made NYC paraphernalia to make fast cash from tourists.

In the gallery, sculptures are made of materials extracted from the shop. In the shop pipes are used as display to exhibit a tourist product, the NYC paraphernalia.

Around near the time around post election, there was a notion of a new “the other” – the mysterious not understandable voter, statistically not a New Yorker.

To produce a desirable product catering to those whom could potentially be called “the other” was given up on. Instead the product was designed to personal taste, maybe by semi-preventing objects from the fullest potential of souvenir-hood or rather from its meaningless doom. But was still seeking interaction to get-to-know.

In the gallery, which feels spare compared to the gilded shop, sculptures feel reduced to a simple binary relationship of display to product, product to display. This show is called Preview – supposedly a preview for the tourist shop but it’s the slimmest sneak peak.

Suppose these are triads that determine a system; gallery/us/meaning and tourist shop/the other/icon. In a mash up of the two systems, Koschmieder composes an unnatural hierarchy where each system makes unholy itself in the process of connecting. Putting souvenirs in the gallery, allowing tourist shop as an art install.

The walls of the gallery are used for poster advertisements of the shop. Gallery used as promotional service for trinket shop, which sells fragments of the sculptures a fraction of the price and 0% of the meaning. It is clear that this is intentionally diminishing.

These art sculptures, materially demystified, topically banal, still evokes gesture of intent. And maybe that is all it is, reduced so that it’s the closest thing to zero meaning without being so, and that is its essence – art, because it isn’t not art.

A tourist may like the hint of doom of these souvenirs, and us maybe the souvenir as something impaired from its fullest potential. Or maybe us and them like the same thing in the same place at same time and maybe compassion is found in this new intersection of desire.

Materially, as in Koschmieder’s past works, the corrugation of the shop walls are made of molded paper and the pipes in the gallery and shop are of bent cardboard, painted to appear as replica of real piping, the chain link fence is made of Scotts toilet paper and paint. The paper stages a fake reality, a stage for a scene. Tourist shop is in the studio, it is art too, all art. I never wanted to meet the tourists.

NYSouvenir & Giftshop:
9 Pell St, 2B, NYC
Opening Sunday 05/07
3 – 9 pm
Opening hours:
Thurs- Sun
5:30 – 9pm

Link: Andrei Koschmieder at Real Fine Arts

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