July 28th, 2017

Peter Wächtler at Schinkel Pavillon

Peter Wächtler at Schinkel Pavillon

Artist: Peter Wächtler

Venue: Schinkel Pavillon, Berlin

Exhibition Title: Kein Morgen kann so schön sein

Date: June 3 – July 31, 2017

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Peter Wächtler at Schinkel Pavillon

Peter Wächtler at Schinkel Pavillon

Peter Wächtler at Schinkel Pavillon

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Images courtesy of Schinkel Pavillon, Berlin

Press Release:

Peter Wächtler (*1979) works with animation, video, sound, sculpture, drawing and text, that often, in the form of prose or poetry, narratively encompasses his (animated) images and pictorial objects. Language in his installations becomes an element of transfer, through which the artist creates temporal overlays from history, contemporary modes of life and fictions of being. Wächtler generates – in the exhibition space as well as within his own works – scenarios of a subjective realism, in the context of which he handles social structures with a critical-grotesque directness. Profile, situation and space descriptions are, through their plasticity, graphical depiction, or narrative account, interlinked and intertwined as in hypertext. It is above all the abstraction of the real via the clarity of the respective form or the specificity of the material, which often by means of repetition and variation enquires from within Peter Wächtler’s works about a standpoint in life: how something was, how it is, or how it should be.

For his exhibition ‘Kein Morgen kann so schön sein’, presented in the vaulted cellar of the Schinkel Pavillon, Peter Wächtler has produced six new ceramic pieces as well as a new stop-motion animation film. The film shows the moon with a pointed hat and pipe, above a fortress at night, subtitled with a poem about closed value systems and their validities. The six ceramic sculptures, their exaggerated body shapes alternating between real animal and animated character, attend this setting – as reading, sleeping and dozing moles on a throne-like armchair – like silent, blind custodians.

Christina Irrgang


Kein Morgen kann so schön sein,
09:50 mins., HD Video, 2017

Adam Milburn
Assistence Animation
Albrecht Hegge, Ida Michel

Drums and Recording: Alexander Hoetzinger, sound & song Studio Berlin
Flute: Ed Atkins
Saxophone: Rainer Theobald

Link: Peter Wächtler at Schinkel Pavillon

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