September 6th, 2017

“Prick up your Ears” at Karma International

"Prick up your Ears" at Karma International

Artists: Cinzia Ruggeri, Drake Carr, DeSe Escobar, Janiva Ellis, Kayla Guthrie, Quintessa Matranga, Reba Maybury, Raul de Nieves, Marcelline Mandeng & Aurel Haize Odogbo, Rottingdean Bazaar, Ser Serpas, Stewart Uoo, Will Sheldon, Linda Stark, Women’s History Museum, Club Glam

Venue: Karma International, Los Angeles

Exhibition Title: Prick up your Ears

Curated by: Taylor Trabulus

Date: August 6 – September 9, 2017

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"Prick up your Ears" at Karma International

"Prick up your Ears" at Karma International

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Marcelline Mandeng & Aurel Haize Odogbo, Plastic Symbiosis, 2016, single-channel video, color, sound, 22 minutes, 29 seconds


Cinzia Ruggeri, Per un Vestire Organico, 1983, single-channel video, color, sound, 12 minutes



Images and videos courtesy of Karma International, Los Angeles

Press Release:

Prick up your Ears finds origins in the posthumous rehashing of a murder/suicide, and the cotton fiber tableau of an orgiastic subculture, both in commodity-form: “I’ve discovered that I look better in cheap clothes…” the t-shirt, inscribed with Ortontinged memoriam continues, “I’m from the gutter and don’t you ever forget it because I won’t.” The T-Shirt Speaks. And what started as a parody of consumption became the real thing, affixed to institution, the motto had emerged “art for art’s sake;” an index of autonomy built on displays of wealth and communion in commerce: this was the ontology of fake. So what do we ask in renewing this parody? A somatechnic, “a body of work,” a metricalized mimesis as these artworks secrete the new business style, the transnational yuppie, no success without excess…But this is serious too, as Doc Fanon said: “the prognosis is in the hands of those who are willing to get rid of the worm-eaten roots of the structure.”*

Is it radical to assume we are the ones, who rally in disgust…contest derision and deprivation? Perhaps this is the beginning of prognosis. This time it won’t be about refusal, but eliding the forces of consumption and commodification with fullness; with glee in desire and fucking joy in utopian cruising: this is about play—play imbricated in production… Really, what does art do behind the sphere of exchange? This is capital’s hidden abode…the new loot, “the forward-dawning significance of the gesture”** but not for futurity; this is radical hope—hope in now ness stitched in dolls and gowns and garment labels, corporate models hoping for snow crash.

Text by Esra Padgett

*Fanon, Frantz. Black Skin, White Masks.
**Muñoz, José Esteban. Cruising Utopia: The Then and There of Queer Futurity.

Link: “Prick up your Ears” at Karma International

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