September 23rd, 2017

Tobias Madison at Solo Shows

Crise do Turismo

Artist: Tobias Madison

Venue: Solo Shows, São Paulo

Exhibition Titles: Crisis Tourism II; Crise do Turismo

Date: September 2 – 30, 2017

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Crisis Tourism II

Crise do Turismo

Crisis Tourism II

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Images courtesy of Solo Shows, São Paulo

Press Release:

SOLO SHOWS is proud to present Crisis Tourism II and Crise do Turismo, two coinciding presentations by Tobias Madison. Whereas the latter insists on theatrical opulence, the former comes across in tender sparseness.

Crisis Tourism II features serigraphs of caricatures commissioned to Viny Alves, an illustrator living in Sao Paulo, text, executed by sign-painter Adelco Leitreiros as well as imagery and writing by Madison.

Criso do Turismo is a presentation of sculptures by the late East-Village artist Scott Wilson that Madison acquired on antique auctions in New York City. The exhibition opening is followed by a concert by Deep Deep Drags (Vinicius Duarte aka Thingamajicks, Tobias Madison & Savio de Queiroz) at S/A Club in Pinheiros.

Crawling from the wreckage of the identitarian swamp, Deep Deep Drags (DDD) – a show and party band – will drain your moral sinkhole. If the price is right, DDD will play, but nesting in an irrational economy of the self value gets blurry while an infinite sonic trudge marches airy like a Mediterranean breeze, making a sensual entrance, just like a well waxed donkey arse. A good DDD show will leave you stuck in an impressionist painting that seems to have swallowed your city but a bad one will make you feel like climbing out of the seventh circle of hell on a cascade of quicksilver – irritated by your distorted reflection. No matter the outcome, the message is clear: love knows no boundaries.

Link: Tobias Madison at Solo Shows

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