October 31st, 2017

Skip Arnold at ltd los angeles


Artist: Skip Arnold

Venue: ltd los angeles, Los Angeles

Exhibition Title: plus ou moins

Date: September 21 – November 3, 2017

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Skip Arnold, Whipping 2, 2016/2017, Digital video, color, silent, 4 sec (5 min loop)

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Skip Arnold, excerpt from the Axis Powers Tour, 1993/2004, color, silent Video, 9 min 25 sec


Skip Arnold, a sculpture in a fountain, 1988, Color, sound, Sony PVM Trinitron Color Video Monitor, 4 min 48 sec


Skip Arnold, Hulahoop 1, 2, 3, 4, and 3 Hulahoops, 2015, Digital vídeos, color, sound


Images and videos courtesy of the artist and ltd los angeles, Los Angeles

Press Release:

ltd los angeles is pleased to present plus ou moins, Skip Arnold’s first exhibition with the gallery. plus ou moins will feature new video and photographic works, such as Whipping #1, Whipping #2, and Whipping #3, as well as works spanning his over three decade artistic practice.

Skip Arnold has maintained a transgressive practice of performance, film and installation art. His work is grounded in body politics, in confronting the body as a politicized and enculturated being, and in addressing the body as it pertains to strength, endurance, existence, and presence. In his performance art, Arnold seeks out extremes and intensities, testing the limits of physical endurance. Although Arnold originally started using video simply to document, he ultimately ended up exploring the medium itself. This exploration is evident throughout plus ou moins but especially in his two works from Activities Made For TV – skip eats an olive, 1985 and girls in bikinies, 1983. In these works, Arnold performs little actions repetitively. The viewer sees him take simple ideas to excruciating lengths and often beyond the normal physical and psychological human capacities. In the Hulahoop series, for example, the viewer witnesses Arnold perform a simple, ordinary action, but within the context of a seemingly endless video loop. In the Whipping series, Arnold spins around on three large monitors, all situated with different viewing points so as to surround the viewer.

Skip Arnold uses his naked body to aggressively marry the act of creating to the literal act of living and his presence holds it all together. As he says in Skip’s Manifesto, “What is common to all my work is ‘Skip.’ Skip is the art work. The act of doing, my actions, my choices.” Skip Arnold has become a medium for Skip Arnold, and in doing so, he generates a thoroughly cranky vulnerability and defines a personalized approach to absurdist self-exposure and endurance. In Punch, 1984, for example, which was broadcast on MTV in the mid-eighties, Arnold allows himself to he punched in the stomach. His work is primal physicality combined with personal risk.

Skip Arnold was born in Binghamton, New York and currently lives and works in Marseille, France. He received an MFA from University of California, Los Angeles, in 1984 and his BFA from State University College in Buffalo, NY in 1980. His solo exhibitions include Christine König Galerie, Los Angeles Museum of Art (LAMOA) and Greene Exhibitions and group exhibitions at several international museums and galleries including the J. Paul Getty Museum. In January 2018, Arnold will present Truffle Hunt (1998) at the Institute of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles.

Link: Skip Arnold at ltd los angeles

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