October 19th, 2017

Wilfredo Prieto at NoguerasBlanchard

Wilfredo Prieto at NoguerasBlanchard

Artist: Wilfredo Prieto

Venue: NoguerasBlanchard, Madrid

Exhibition Title: In the mind of God

Date: September 14 – October 28, 2017

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Wilfredo Prieto at NoguerasBlanchard

Wilfredo Prieto at NoguerasBlanchard

Wilfredo Prieto at NoguerasBlanchard

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Images courtesy of NoguerasBlanchard, Madrid. Photos by Roberto Ruiz.

Press Release:

NoguerasBlanchard is pleased to announce the sixth solo exhibition in the gallery by Wilfredo Prieto. Centred around a new series of works titled In the mind of God, the exhibition gives continuity to a process of opening new and unexpected readings that break with the normative and standardized.

With the emergence of a mature, well developed body of work Prieto’s oeuvre is concerned with a subtle conceptual language to comment on heterogenous contemporary realities. A poetic approach to reality through the appropriation of common objects and situations lies at the core of Prieto’s practice.

Prieto in this context presents a series of cowhides, which show a variety of black and white patterns inherent in the skin. On the one hand, they recall the symmetrical ink blots used in Rorschach tests, a technique used in psychology to evaluate the personality, and distinguisged by their ambiguity and lack of structuring. Both the non-figurative character of the designs and their placement on the wall allude to abstract painting, thus opening up a dialogue with art history, mainly the contrast between the pictorial tradition as well as the contemporary origin and function of the ready-made.

In the mind of God
delves into concepts of contrast, difference, inequality, and the implications of chance in our everyday experience. But above all, the exhibition investigates the psychological mind that creates these ideas, and in a poetic-mathematical way seeks to reveal a theory to reach the mind of God; which is not restricted only to the religious sphere but refers to the transcendental, whose meaning varies according to the individual’s particular thinking and context.

Link: Wilfredo Prieto at NoguerasBlanchard

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