November 4th, 2017

Julia Feyrer at Potts

Julia Feyrer at Potts

Artist: Julia Feyrer

Venue: Potts, Los Angeles

Exhibition Title: New Pedestrians

Date: September 3 – November 5, 2017

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Julia Feyrer at Potts

Julia Feyrer at Potts

Julia Feyrer, Escape Scenes, 2014, 16 mm film, 4 minutes 37 seconds; Courtesy Catriona Jeffries, Vancouver

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Images courtesy of Potts, Los Angeles

Press Release:

Red. An articulambulation: heel first. Ferment of wayward metaphors. Mix sponge, egg, cone, womb. Sliced in half, folded open. Fresh continuity slice. Mirrored actor sorta clear left to right the other foot is the same is not the same. Repeat.

Orange. Ball, to roll onto the ground, a neighbourhood next, the segment is a sidewalk on top to tip to pressure all the tenants out. Individually signed with two vertical lines, increasing walkability. You mean increasing floatability – over the corpses of the meritless.

Yellow. Toes, like a tent pole sequence a big toe presence pushed down and poking, needing to be always right, but then again always be left. Intention to sort all sorts fails all expectations.

In between, all the tones mixed with moisture. Lint, spontaneity. Absent without leave. Everyone a guest, everyone you’ve ever met and ever will meet, anyone who has ever been…

Green. Long, toe, long ago. All-new realms. 5 dead stars, it knows. I gnows. It grows, I dunno. The rare earth’s hand is a foot.

Blue. Middle, in the ambi-universe a result of reverse privileging. Hemispheres totally libra scaled into two heaps of indiscernible matter.

Indigo. Ring rubber burns, presses, flows, excretes through hair, nails, teeth, skin, flesh, sinews, bone, organs, intestine, bile, phlegm, pus, blood, sweat, fat, tears, mucus, urine. The earth moves an uncertain quantity over the chiliocosm, but it keeps throwing up another chiliocosm – in the puke bucket – drink or float or drown. Another 365 ears to go. Yes you heard me, ears.

Violet. Tiny toe sensation, formation, perception, tingle. But tiny could not think ahead more than 3 moves, got stuck on the tingle and forgot which toe to run home to. So, causality backtracked down a pothole strewn road, waiting to be entangled in asphalt. Tiny tested the granularity between sadness and panic, a little anger, deep down joy, and a softly itching pinky of impatience.

She puts sunscreen on the bottoms of her feet. Finally, an object that dissolves all subjects

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