December 21st, 2017

Alan Belcher at greengrassi

Alan Belcher at greengrassi

Artist: Alan Belcher

Venue: greengrassi, London

Exhibition Title: Objects

Date: November 2 – December 21, 2017

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Alan Belcher at greengrassi

Alan Belcher at greengrassi

Alan Belcher at greengrassi

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Images courtesy of greengrassi, London

Press Release:

Alan Belcher
Black Truffles
White Truffles
Untitled (Pearls)
Chew Toys
each: oil on canvas

These portraits of objects are encountered as symbolized vehicles, plainly art objects rather than paintings. The use of oil on canvas is a fast track to navigation of the object. The painting of the decoy behaves as a decoy, with both attraction and subterfuge —the lures bait and hook. Truffles are a rare find, sniffed out and coveted by connoisseurs. The glass shard irritant, similar to a grain of sand, embedded in the fleshly tongue of the oyster when nurtured and embraced evolves into a cultured worldly gem. The obsessive and possessive nature of a chew toy also speaks of a certain amount of substance to wrangle with.

And then there’s the Garnish.

Link: Alan Belcher at greengrassi

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