December 7th, 2017

Arthur Ou at Brennan & Griffin

Arthur Ou at Brennan & Griffin

Artist: Arthur Ou

Venue: Brennan & Griffin, New York

Exhibition Title: A Day of Times

Date: October 27 – December 10, 2017

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Arthur Ou at Brennan & Griffin

Arthur Ou at Brennan & Griffin

Arthur Ou at Brennan & Griffin

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Images courtesy of Brennan & Griffin, New York

Press Release:

When we think about the future of the world, we always have in mind its being at the place where it would be if it continued to move as we see it moving now. We do not realize that it moves not in a straight line, but in a curve, and that its direction constantly changes.

– Ludwig Wittgenstein, from “Culture and Value,” 1929

Brennan & Griffin is pleased to present A Day of Times, a solo exhibition of a new series by Arthur Ou. This is the artist’s third exhibition at the gallery.

Over the course of a day, from dawn until dusk, on October 21st, 2016, Ou made a sequence of exposures from a particular vantage point overlooking the Point Reyes coast in California. These 8×10 inch negatives were then used to produce a series of large scale analog prints that Ou hand tints with waxed pigment. The gradiated palette sits upon the surface like a thin veil, generating a play between color and surface, texture and light, depth and flatness. Each print is a unique work, extending the relationship between photography to the process of painting and drawing.

Arthur Ou (born 1974, Taipei, Taiwan) lives and works in Queens, New York. Ou’s work has been considered in the New York Times, Artforum, The New Yorker, Art in America, Aperture andBlindspot. He is featured in Charlotte Cotton’s seminal book about Contemporary Photography, Photography is Magic, and Walter Benn Michael’s recently published The Beauty of a Social Problem: Photography, Autonomy, Economy. Recent exhibitions include, The Queens International at the Queens Museum, 99¢ at the Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit, curated by Jens Hoffmann, and Astoria, at the Grazer Kunstverein, organized by Trisha Donnelly.



Brennan & Griffin畫廊很高興介紹歐宗翰的個展:“一天的時刻“。這是歐先生在本畫廊第三次的個人發表。

在一天的過程中,從黎明到黃昏,在2016年10月21日,歐宗翰在加州的雷耶斯角的一個特定高處位置做了一程序的曝光 。然後使用這些8×10英寸的底片從暗房製作一系列大模擬的照片。接著歐宗翰在照片上手工著顏料,漸變的顏色在照片表面上像一層淡薄的紗幕。這特殊的做法產生的質量在顏色和表面、紋理和光線、深度和平面度之間產生一個對比。每張作品都是獨一的,延伸了攝影與繪畫和油畫過程的關係。


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