January 30th, 2018

William Leavitt at MAMCO

William Leavitt at MAMCO

Artist: William Leavitt

Venue: MAMCO, Geneva

Exhibition Title: Retrospective

Date: October 11, 2017 – February 4, 2018

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William Leavitt at MAMCO

William Leavitt at MAMCO

William Leavitt at MAMCO

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Images courtesy of MAMCO, Geneva. Photos by Annik Wetter.

Press Release:

This fall, MAMCO is organizing the first European retrospective to William Leavitt (born in 1941, Washington, USA), an historic figure of the Los Angeles art scene. Deployed on the entirety of the first floor, this exhibition brings together pieces ranging between 1970 until now. Through his installations, drawings, and paintings, play and sound performances, Leavitt re-examines the production of the Western imaginary, as imposed, since the end of WWII, by the “Hollywood factory.” Through a selection of parts of stage sets, the isolation and recombination of fragments coming from everyday culture, which often conceals a conservative social order and politics, the artist turns these representations inside out: he makes us see them as conceptual frameworks in which stories (fictional ones or from our own lives) can be set.

This show, organized by Lionel Bovier and Julien Fronsacq, is thus an opportunity to go back over several issues in art history, whether it be the 1970s movement of “Narrative Art” or the fictional dimension present in the practice of General Idea, whose exhibition is extended until the beginning of February. Narration is also at the heart of a project devoted to fictional artists by David Lemaire, and the ensemble of works by Adrian Piper and Martha Rosler, respectively brought together by Elise Lammer and Sophie Costes.

This sequence is the third phase of a method of investigation into the art of the past decades, inaugurated by Zeitgeist in spring, and then continued with the series of exhibitions organized around the retrospective of Kelley Walker last summer. In this way, MAMCO has been offering, via a system of nested presentations, a prismatic reading of the artistic movements and debates that have traversed our era. This singular museographical proposition, the result of the collective work of the curators of the MAMCO and its associated curators, is itself set in the heritage of the “global exhibition” concept, which has been prevalent in the museum ever since its opening in the 1990s.

Link: William Leavitt at MAMCO

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