February 8th, 2018

“Condo London” at The Approach

Mauro Cerqueira

Artists: Carla Filipe, Dan Rees, Daniel Steegmann Mangrané, Gabriel Lima, Mauro Cerqueira, Silvestre Pestana

Venue: The Approach, London

Exhibition Title: Condo London

Curated by: Nuno Centeno, Porto

Date: January 13 – February 10, 2018

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"Condo London" at The Approach

Left: Silvestre Pestana, Right: Gabriel Lima

Carla Filipe

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Images courtesy of The Approach, London

Press Release:

CARLA FILIPE (Born 1973, Vila Nova da Barquinha, Portugal, Lives and works in Porto.
Carla Filipe has a wealth of expressiveness when penetrating the universe of drawing and work on paper that she tackles in her pieces, frequently in installations and artist books. She integrates both public and private aspects in her projects, creating a world that is referential but also mysterious, in which unexpected meanings emerge. Her techniques get away from the lineal format so characteristic of drawing, developing in any part of three dimensional space.

GABRIEL LIMA (Born 1984, São Paulo, Brasil), lives and works in New York.
Gabriel Lima’s work addresses the formal qualities of painting, accepting the constraints of the medium whilst engaging popular forms of aesthetic production beyond the realms of art and bodies of knowledge with which it resonates in order to test its traditional boundaries from within and without.

DAN REES (Born 1982, Swansea, UK), Lives and works in London.
Rees incorporates sculpture and painting into a practice that approaches the process of reproduction and recognition as a medium itself. Using materials and processes like plasticine and artex that are imbued with elements of nostalgia and cultural history, Rees references the remits of personal and everyday culture.

MAURO CERQUEIRA (Born 1982, Guimarães, Portugal), Lives and works in Porto.
Mauro Cerqueira’s method of working is multidisciplinary, encompassing not only photography, video and drawing but also performance, painting and sculpture. One of his preferred formats is printed publication, which enables him to elaborate on content in a narrative way. Cerqueira’s projects in recent years have been inspired by the environment in which he lived and worked in the old city district of Porto where his studio was situated in a building that has been razed meanwhile for redevelopment.

DANIEL STEEGMANN MANGRANÉ (Born 1977, Barcelona, Spain), Lives and works in Rio de Janeiro.
His practice covers various media and oscillates between subtle, poetic but however crude experimentations that question the relationship between world and language. Although mainly conceptually informed, his installations engage the imagination of the spectator and display a strong concern with the existence and features of concrete objects: Steegmann activates the abstract language as a thought-generating principle and articulating unstable meaning. The works thus articulate a sense of space and time, building up a structure as the constellation of elements enter into play.

SILVESTRE PESTANA (Born 1949, Funchal, Portugal), Lives and works in Porto.
His work is imposed by the radical nature of the interventions that, since the first moment, rest on an intentional hybridity resulting in the game and permutation between linguistic and not linguistic signs. The contamination that, in the 60s and 70s, derives from the use of different graphic material, will find, in the 80s, support in the use of video and computer media. At this level, it can be said that his poetry for computer programming opened new routes to experimental poetry. Frequently mixing, intentionally, issues related to materiality and mediation, in his work procedures based on digital systems appear mixed with the analog character representation. His recent work, in the context of performance, in real or virtual spaces as Second Life, are essential to assess how the experimentalist practices interfere with the social practices in which they articulate.

Link: “Condo London” at The Approach

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