February 20th, 2018

Darren Bader at Sadie Coles

Oliver Clegg

Artist: Darren Bader with Anca Munteanu Rimnic, Michael E. Smith, and a cast of thousands

Venue: Sadie Coles, London

Exhibition Title: more or less

Date: January 13 – March 29, 2018

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Darren Bader at Sadie Coles

Spencer Sweeney

Darren Bader at Sadie Coles

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Images courtesy of Sadie Coles, London. Copyright the artists. Photos by Robert Glowacki.

Press Release: 

Darren Bader’s third exhibition at Sadie Coles HQ, more or less, revolves around ideas of exchange, authorship, and the boundaries of the art object. In a series of installations, videos, and texts, Bader extends his use of the found object as a literal and conceptual fulcrum – deploying it as absurdist intervention and index of mundane reality. In the main gallery, he and artist Anca Munteanu Rimnic create a large-scale arrangement comprising both their own works and a wide assortment of stuff, including works by other artists. This giant walk-in ‘still life’ invites visitors to determine what is and what isn’t an artwork, in some instances following numerical combinations stipulated by Bader. Throughout his latest works, Bader plays upon the dynamic between artist, artwork, and viewer – foregrounding the role of the viewer or buyer in making meaning. A number of the ‘works’ in the exhibition comprise proposals for unrealised – perhaps unrealisable – artworks. These include models or blueprints for ‘trash sculptures’, an ongoing series in which Bader creates or selects a sculptural form as a rubbish container.

Link: Darren Bader at Sadie Coles

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