February 15th, 2018

Jorge Satorre at Museo Tamayo

Jorge Sattore at Museo Tamayo

Artist: Jorge Satorre

Venue: Museo Tamayo, Mexico City

Exhibition Title: The Dead Animals

Date: October 3, 2017 – February 18, 2018

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Jorge Sattore at Museo Tamayo

Jorge Sattore at Museo Tamayo

Jorge Sattore at Museo Tamayo

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Images courtesy of Museo Tamayo, Mexico City. Photos by Agustín Garza.

Press Release:

For his exhibition at the Museo Tamayo, Jorge Satorre (Mexico City, 1979) will be presenting an installation and a series of drawings made especially for the show alluding to a fictional scene in which a stalker pursues his prey. The project is based on a classic conception of the detective story where the main motive is to resolve a case through leads and clues.

In his work, Jorge Satorre (Mexico City, 1979) researches and documents historical events in order to reinterpret them by articulating stories that are initially based on specific situations but that incorporate fictional and subjective elements. In pieces that combine drawings, sculptures and texts, Satorre explores the relations between the creator of stories and images and their receivers, showing how the result is transformed by the practice of subjective interpretation. By concentrating on small details that may seem irrelevant, he creates suggestive narratives that seek to recover forgotten memories, through which he examines the transmittal and transformation of ideas, objects and stories.

Link: Jorge Satorre at Museo Tamayo

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