February 8th, 2018

Michaela Eichwald at Maureen Paley

Michaela Eichwald at

Artist: Michaela Eichwald

Venue: Maureen Paley, London

Exhibition Title: Condo London: Popanz Moloch Muff und Puff

Organized by: dépendance, Brussels

Date: January 13 – February 11, 2018

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Michaela Eichwald at

Michaela Eichwald at

Michaela Eichwald at

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Images courtesy of Maureen Paley, London

Press Release:

Michaela Eichwald creates alchemical paintings using the formal language of gestural abstraction with its often muddy palette and roughly textured surfaces, sometimes employing less conventional materials instead of canvas to work on. Her work can be monumental or intimate in scale and combines multiple mediums, including oil, acrylic, and lacquer. Eichwald rejects preciousness, and her process involves exposing works to the elements, where they accumulate dirt and wear. In her sculptures small bits of found materials such as food scraps, metal filings and rubbish are frequently suspended in resin-filled plastic gloves and bags. In both her paintings and sculptures, Eichwald’s works suggest layers of private narrative that intentionally elude explanation and form a visceral record of their creation.

Link: Michaela Eichwald at Maureen Paley

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