March 4th, 2018

Group Show at Château Shatto

Jef Geys

Artists: Guy de Cointet, Jef Geys, Dorothy Iannone, Raul Guerrero

Venue: Château Shatto, Los Angeles 

Exhibition Title: Le destin des châteaux croisés

Presented with: Air de Paris

Date: January 26 – March 10, 2018

Note: The full press release is available for download here.

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Raul Guerrero

Guy de Cointet, performance at Air de Paris, March 31, 2012 with Sarah Vermande; La très brillante artiste Huzo Lumnst présente son nouveau travail CIZEGHOH TUR NDJMB, 1973, video documentation, 13 minutes 59 seconds; Courtesy of Guy de Cointet Society and Air de Paris

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Images courtesy of the artists; Air de Paris, Paris; and Château Shatto, Los Angeles. Installation photos by Elon Schoenholz.

Press Release:

In Italo Calvino’s Castle of Crossed Destinies, knights meet at a table d’hôtes, but when they attempt to tell tales of their adventures, words mysteriously fail them. They then resort to a game of tarot. As each card is drawn, the knights give them meaning and reveal their stories. Forgive us, as it is the simple pleasure of the reference and the beauty of the title which makes us gather these four artists under the famous oulipian (inverted) banner.



Monday, February 12th, the day before Mardi Gras, Jef Geys left us and we are sad.

We are sad but we are happy to have known him and proud of our collaboration.

With his customary intensity he has created new works for the exhibition Le Destin des Châteaux Croisés currently on view at Château Shatto in Los Angeles; With his usual humour he added a big cow to Le Tour de France 69 d’Eddy Merckx at Air de Paris in Paris (cur. Sylvie Boulanger and Francis Mary); With his regular precision he has been actively involved in the preparation of two important exhibitions, respectively at Yale Union, Portland, USA (cur. Nicolas Tammens, from 14 April 2018) and at MAC’s – Grand Hornu in Belgium (cur. Francis Mary, from April 29, 2018).

Dag Jef.

Link: Group Show at Château Shatto

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