March 19th, 2018

Taryn Simon at Kunstmuseum Luzern


Artist: Taryn Simon

Venue: Kunstmuseum Luzern

Exhibition Title: Shouting is Under Calling

Date:  February 24 – June 17, 2018

Curated by: Fanni Fetzer

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Taryn Simon «Shouting is Under Calling»


Taryn Simon «Shouting is Under Calling»

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Images courtesy of Kunstmuseum Luzern. Photos by Marc Latzel. 

Press Release:

The work of Taryn Simon (b. 1975) results from rigorous research guided by an interest in systems of categorization and the precarious nature of survival. A multidisciplinary artist who has worked in photography, text, film, sculpture, and performance, Simon turns our attention to the margins of power, where control, disruption, and the contours of its constructedness become visible.

Simon reveals the imperceptible space between language and the visual world—a space in which multiple truths and fantasies are constructed, and where translation and disorientation occur. The technical, physical, and aesthetic realization of her projects often reflects the control and authority that are the very subject of her work. Often invoking the form of the archive, Simon imposes the illusion of order on the chaotic and indeterminate nature of her subjects.

Link: Taryn Simon at Kunstmuseum Luzern

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