April 24th, 2018

Lasse Krog Møller at Kunsthal Aarhus

Lasse Krog Møller at Kunsthal Aarhus

Artist: Lasse Krog Møller

Venue: Kunsthal Aarhus

Exhibition Title: Ephemera Mundi – The Forgotten World

Date: March 16 – May 27, 2018

Curated by: Peter Ole Pedersen

Note: A publication of the wall texts is available for download here.

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Images courtesy of Kunsthal Aarhus

Press Release:

Presenting the works of Lasse Krog Møller, this retrospective is a kind of “museum of overlooked things”. Here we apply a documenting, musealising gaze as we take a deeper look at surprising and fascinating qualities inherent in everyday objects that we usually tend to overlook or ignore entirely. Krog Møller’s works shed light on the pervasive present-day culture of documentation. In contemporary everyday life, we all take on the role of documentarists through constantly available cameras and countless public networks for sharing images. This gives rise to a range of pressing questions: what modes of expression can documentation use? Why are we motivated to document things? What is the impact and significance of selecting and preserving particular parts of reality? At the same time Krog Møller’s works also reflect on the hierarchies and principles of collecting that all museums apply: what deserves to be preserved? What merits display and presentation? Looking back upon the extensive collections of objects that represent Krog Møller’s artistic practice throughout the last twenty years, this exhibition challenges our habitual ideas about the kind of information and memories that are – and are not – worthy of preservation. The collections consist of everyday ephemera such as shopping lists, gloves, hair bands, letters, messages, photos, cigarette butts, and other objects that have been dropped or left in the streets.

As part of the exhibition, Lasse Krog Møller and Peter Ole Pedersen have created an encyclopaedic work about the artist’s production. This publication serves to accompany Ephemera Mundi – Den oversete verden, but is also a work in its own right, featuring contributions from more than 40 writers, scholars, and artists in the form of encyclopaedic entries about overlooked phenomena and the strange, wondrous world of documentation that makes up Lasse Krog Møller’s artistic oeuvre.

Ephemera Mundi – The Overlooked World is curated by Peter Ole Pedersen as part of his 2-year curatorial project Kunst og dokumentar-kultur (“Art and documentary culture”) at Aarhus University.

Link: Lasse Krog Møller at Kunsthal Aarhus

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