June 16th, 2018

Paul P., B. Wurtz at Cooper Cole

B. Wurtz

Artists: Paul P., B. Wurtz

Venue: Cooper Cole, Toronto

Exhibition Title: The thin gate clanged

Date: May 19 – June 23, 2018

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Paul P., B. Wurtz at Cooper Cole

Paul P.

Paul P., B. Wurtz at Cooper Cole

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Images courtesy of Cooper Cole, Toronto

Press Release:

Cooper Cole is pleased to present a 2-person exhibition featuring Paul P. and B. Wurtz.

“What is effective is the affray of words, the vibrating force of their unforeseenness, their clash upon or contrast with one another. Why do we react more to ‘the thin gate clanged’ than to ‘the iron gate shut noisily’?

Language can not only register but heighten, by its speed, its emphasis and its rhythm, the emotional pressure we put behind it. Not only the literary but the psychic difference between the long and the short sentence is very marked: and we should make the most of the variation. There should be variation, too, in what we may call the texture of our prose – that is, some passages are the better for being written lightly; others demand a packed, possibly somewhat ‘difficult’ concentration of ideas and images. The former passages, probably, will be either narrative or dialogue; the latter, analysis or description. Always try to simplify is the rule – but there remain complexities which must be battled through. The imperative, in fact the essential thing, is that variations in writing, from page to page, should correspond with what is going on concurrently in the writer’s mood and in the actual story. Proust saw writing as a form of translation; we do, by the process of finding and fitting words, attempt to capture a thousand otherwise fleeting sensations, feelings, impressions, lights and shadows and half-thoughts. Language must be a strong though fine net.”

– Elizabeth Bowen, on the subject of writing, excerpted from Advice, 1960.

Link: Paul P., B. Wurtz at Cooper Cole

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