August 11th, 2018

“Five Million Years” at Deborah Schamoni

"Five Million Years" at Deborah Schamoni

Artists: Monica Bonvicini, Kerstin Brätsch, Tobias Spichtig

Venue: Deborah Schamoni, Munich

Exhibition Title: Five Million Years

Date: May 19 – August 11, 2018

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"Five Million Years" at Deborah Schamoni

"Five Million Years" at Deborah Schamoni

"Five Million Years" at Deborah Schamoni

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Images courtesy of the artists and Deborah Schamoni, Munich. Photos by Ulrich Gebert.

Press Release:

This anniversary exhibition presents the five-year-old Deborah Schamoni Gallery in a broader timeframe. The idea for the exhibition originally came from “Die Marmory Show”—the gallery’s recurring experimental exhibition developed in collaboration with a guest curator.

To do this we wanted to zoom out of the spaces at Mauerkircherstrasse and observe the array of participating artists through the figure of a constellation. Monica Bonvicini would be a fixed star from the Berlin days, Kerstin Brätsch would be a returning comet on its own path through the art universe, and Tobias Spichtig would be a moon rising just above the horizon.

Let us then begin with Spichtig: a series of panel paintings show the earth and its satellites as cubes before they were able to optimize themselves into their present forms. Or are these cubes the earth’s broken future?

Sculptures from 2016 of earth’s inhabitants as mere ghosts—as intuitions wrought in frozen pieces of clothing, anticipating the human form.

Are humans already their own dinosaurs?

In Kerstin Brätsch’s wallpaper, primordial creatures seem to be peeling themselves out of the sediment. Molten quartz and slag are torn from the primordial slime. The agony of our planet’s formation appears almost cheerful here. Faces and grimaces flash through the deposits and stratifications accumulated over earth’s geological eras like premonitions of the few minutes that humanity has spent on its planet. Five years is less than a second on earth’s temporal scale!

But now there is a black monolith by Monica Bonvicini. Does this Corner Boy made of leather belts claim an eternal intelligence like the one we see in the famous opening scene of Kubrick’s 2001? Another sculpture, 7:30 hrs, could be the reconstruction of an antique site of cult worship from the remains of archaic building foundation, if only its origin were not so profane. The sculpture is the result of a professional examination for masons.

Seven and a half hours for a wall, five years for a gallery, five million for our planet’s new consciousness.

Link: “Five Million Years” at Deborah Schamoni

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