September 22nd, 2018

Ken Kagami at Parco Museum Ikebukuro


Artist: Ken Kagami

Venue: Parco Museum Ikebukuro, Tokyo

Exhibition Title: Retrospective

Date: August 31 – September 17, 2018

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Press Release:

Ken Kagami began his activities as a contemporary artist in earnest in Tokyo in the early 2000’s; “Retrospective” traces his development and the constantly evolving nature of his eclectic practice. Kagami creates artwork in the media of sculpture, painting, drawing, film and performance – engaging in a highly considered examination of present-day social phenomena as present in forms as varied as the mainstream media, daily life, art and its related history, and the culture in which it is embodied all filtered through the transformative lens of humor or, more specifically, the joke. The exhibition is comprised of a series of sculptures from dual perspectives; those formed from an assemblage of found objects – whose unexpected juxtapositions continuously reveal themselves to the artist through his activity as a hoarder – as well as, conversely, sculptures of everyday objects cast in the highly traditional media of bronze – created from a disruptive art historical perspective. Additionally, the exhibition will feature Kagami’s recent varied works such as his self referential painted text pieces and films. With regards to Kagami’s found object sculptures, typically scavenged from nondescript thrift stores in the United States as well as so-called recycle shops in Tokyo, it is in such ordinary symbols of consumer culture that there exists for the artist a poignant ordinariness; however this everyday is elevated via a creative transformation of the ordinary into something more highly positive and optimistic. Ken Kagami is an adult, but one who has achieved and maintains a childlike sense of mischief and cynicism via the practice of art.

Link: Ken Kagami at Parco Museum Ikebukuro

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