September 26th, 2018

Sanya Kantarovsky at Kunsthalle Basel

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Artist: Sanya Kantarovsky

Venue: Kunsthalle Basel

Exhibition Title: Disease of the Eyes

Date: August 31 – November 11, 2018

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Sanya Kantarovsky at Kunsthalle Basel

Sanya Kantarovsky at Kunsthalle Basel

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Images courtesy of Kunsthalle Basel. Photos by Philipp Hänger.

Press Release:

Lush, moody, touching, and wry, the paintings of Sanya Kantarovsky (*1982) offer a strange form of address. Their subjects gaze at you insolently (while on horseback, a corpse its casual companion), or entreatingly (while floating, probably wounded, in an endless sea). These are saturated images, built up from washes of color, layers of references, sly nods to our contemporary moment, and the self-conscious stylistic inflections of painters of yesteryear. One senses that their maker believes in the urgency but also the absurdity of painting as he assembles marks that are not afraid to be imperfect, even awkward. They make almost palpable such emotions as alienation, embarrassment, intimacy, and desire, exposing quotidian human melodrama and existential cruelty, all while being able to laugh at themselves as they turn to you so that you may laugh, too. Here, in the Russian-born artist’s largest exhibition to date and first institutional show in Switzerland, Kantarovsky shows all new paintings and monotype prints—the connections between the two mediums revealing much about his process of constructing images.

Link: Sanya Kantarovsky at Kunsthalle Basel

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