October 2nd, 2018

Daichi Takagi at KAYOKOYUKI


Artist: Daichi Takagi

Venue: KAYOKOYUKI, Tokyo

Exhibition Title: aspect

Date: September 1 – 30, 2018

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Images courtesy of KAYOKOYUKI, Tokyo

Press Release:

KAYOKOYUKI will hold the third solo exhibition by the painter Daichi Takagi, starting September 1. Including the adjacent Komagome SOKO as another display space, approximately 25 of his new artworks will be exhibited. Also, the reception on the opening day is planned as a send-off ceremony for Takagi, who will go to Amsterdam in the Netherlands soon.

Within one large picture plane, flatly painted colors are crammed as if they were dancing. The overlaps of colors are bright and transparent like the light transmitted from a monitor screen. The gradations create a sense of depth, and the two-dimensional expression suggestive of graphic art is full of spaciousness.

Takagi has created oil paintings composed of flatly painted colors and shapes while employing sceneries and still life art as his motifs. His painting provides the impression of a closed space like a cave, with dim light as if casting on a rock surface, and still life depictions that reflect the glimmer of lights. The picture plane of geometric composition, like a cubist painting, wears a melancholy expression. Takagi’s sincere attitude toward the canvas has received high acclaim from his participation in exhibitions such as “DAI CHU SHOW – Abstracts Now -” (Fuchu Art Museum, 2013) and “The Way of Painting” (Tokyo Opera City Art Gallery, 2014).

Starting from the solo exhibition in April 2017, Takagi’s style of expression showed a significant change. Taking a cue from the artist-in-residence program in the Netherlands in 2016, his painting became as colorful as a color chart and its picture plane is ordered through repetition of grids and patterns. This style of painting reminds us of traditional patterns which are the foundation of ethnic identity and religious belief all over the world. These are nothing short of the “living abstract” that adds beauty to people’s food, clothing, and housing while supporting their lives.

It has been decided that Takagi will visit Europe again this September, during this exhibition, supported by the Agency for Cultural Affairs. Currently, he is cultivating his creative ideas and is actively producing new artwork. Please come and enjoy the new aspects of Daichi Takagi’s expression that has been directed towards fertility and vividness.

Daichi Takagi was born in 1982 in Gifu, Japan. Takagi received Japanese Government Oversea Research Program Grant, Agency for Cultural Affairs and will live and work in Amsterdam, Netherlands, from September, 2018.
Recently, Takagi presented his work in “Periphery” at Foundation B.a.d, Rotterdam, 2016, “COOL INVITATIONS 2” at XYZ Collective, Tokyo, 2015, “The Way of Painting” at Tokyo Opera City Art Gallery, Tokyo, 2014, “DAI CHU SHOW” recent abstract” at Fuchu art museum citizen’s gallery and LOOPHOLE, Tokyo, 2013, “SSS-expand painting” at MISAKO & ROSEN, Tokyo, 2010. Lives and works in Kanagawa.

Link: Daichi Takagi at KAYOKOYUKI

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