November 8th, 2018

Ei Arakawa, Gela Patashuri at 186f Kepler


Ei Arakawa, Gela Patashuri

Venue: 186f Kepler

Exhibition Title: “Curry Cheese Fondue and Other Menus”

Date: January 2018

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Press release and link available after the jump.

Image courtesy of 186f Kepler.

Press Release:

Do you eat meat? Don’t use this knife, it was used for meat, I have to wash it for you, you can get sick. This guy, he opened a bottle with a sword and he lost four fingers. Could you eat a gorilla hand? That’s cannibalism! A duck palm! A pigs’s head? You eat the chicks, that’s the best part. Nato with fake egg. Eels sperm? Fish sperm. The government is offering a reward if you do something with salmon’s sperm. They have thousands of tons of salmon sperm. Sperm smoothies.

That’s roux. Is the curry that makes it thick or is it the roux? You separate vegetables from the sauce to cook: it is called a curry. You cook potatoes and then you add roux. Gombo in the soup. You should make some effort when you speak, I don’t understand you: Roux. Rrrroux.

Do you like honey? Honey is healthy, it’s good for your body, it smells good. Every time Sergei drives to Vermont he stops and buys honey. Hi Stefan good morning, do you know how to cook rice? I want chicken. Ei is cooking a soup, this is soba, this is a Japanese tradition, you eat it December 31st.

That’s the cheese fondue soundtrack. It’s cheesy. Is that it? You only eat bread and cheese? Ei is having fruit before the cheese and Stefan has a new game, you repeat the same word over and over with different meanings: de light, delighted, delighted. He made a pumpkin pie for dessert with whipped cream: it’s called half and half, cremer? Cremier? Is that a brand? Cremo? Vacherin. Is like bitch. Quelle vache, vachement, the cheese is called vacherin. Endless strings of cheese coming out of your mouth. You can die if you drink cold water with warm cheese. I’m a little worried of all the water I drink. Is that muscade nut? That’s Hawaiian popcorn. Hilo, do you know where Hilo is? It’s in Hawaii where we stay. You can put curry powder: that’s Ei’s special recipe. Cheese for the photo! Everybody cheese! A cheesy song: this song is

cheesy. That’s a cheesy song! What is cheesy? Is this cheesy? This is a song for your funeral.

Text by Jeanne Graff

Link: Ei Arakawa, Gela Patashuri at 186 Kepler

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