November 29th, 2018

NADA Miami 2018

The 16th edition of NADA Miami will take place December 6–9, 2018 at Ice Palace Studios, located at 1400 North Miami Avenue.

NADA Miami continues to showcase the best of emerging contemporary art, with 140 exhibitors representing 43 cities from 23 different countries, 37 first time exhibitors, 64 NADA Member galleries, and 26 project spaces. This year, NADA is delighted to present Arcadia Missa (London) and ASAKUSA (Tokyo) as the 2018 recipients of the second annual NADA Miami International Gallery Prize. NADA Presents, the programming and events series at NADA Miami 2018, features performers and participants including: Eve Sussman, Emilio Bianchic, Rebecca Gates, Patrice Cullors, Glenda Romualdo, A.G., Tyree Guyton, Pablo Helguera, Jahaira Rios Campos y Gálvez, Carolina Cueva, and Jenna Balfe.

Special Projects at NADA Miami 2018 feature sculptures and installations presented by exhibitors and partners. This year, Detroit-based artist and creator of the Heidelberg Project, Tyree Guyton will present a new tree sculpture in the garden area; Miami’s Fringe Projects will present a painted automobile cover by artist Keith Allyn Spencer parked on North Miami Avenue, and Los Angeles gallery AA|LA will present new hanging rawhide works by artist and writer Rindon Johnson installed across the palm trees. For tickets, exhibitor list, programming schedule and more, visit


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