November 16th, 2018

Yazan Khalili, Jonas Staal at Ludlow 38

Yazan Khalili

Artists: Yazan Khalili, Jonas Staal

Venue: Ludlow 38, New York

Exhibition Title: The Agency for Legal Imagination

Date: October 25 – November 25, 2018

Note: An additional text about the exhibition is available for download here and an annotated checklist is available here.

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Yazan Khalili

Jonas Staal

Jonas Staal, New World Summit, Utrecht, 2016, video, 1 hour 5 minutes 51 seconds

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Images and video courtesy of Ludlow 38, New York. Photos by Hinda Weiss.

Press Release:

For their first collaborative exhibition, Yazan Khalili and Jonas Staal coined the term ‘state-traps.’ This term addresses more than a decade of artistic, legal and political tactical and strategic engagements through which both artists confront the ideological and repressive apparatuses of the nation-state. Positioning censorship as intrinsic to the freedom of speech, Staal and Khalili expose in their work the limits and falsity of a human right often perceived as the pillar of democracy.

Khalili and Staal suggest that when the law of the state opposes social justice, state-traps are creative, non-lethal assaults triggering the state to over-act. Through minimal means, artistic capabilities are provoking the nation-state to overreact as it is caught off-guard. State-traps make visible the unjust over-powering of the nation-state, thus subversively activate and challenge its legal systems.

Link: Yazan Khalili, Jonas Staal at Ludlow 38

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