December 21st, 2018

Eric Wesley at Fonti

Eric Wesley at Fonti

Artist: Eric Wesley

Venue: Fonti, Naples

Exhibition Title: Reputation

Date: October 27 – December 28, 2018

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Eric Wesley at Fonti

Eric Wesley at Fonti

Eric Wesley at Fonti

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Images courtesy of Fonti, Naples. Photos by Amedeo Benestante.

Press Release:

Galleria Fonti is pleased to present “Reputation”, Eric Wesley’s third solo exhibition at the gallery.

There are a number of Eric Wesleys represented or rather ‘present’ at the current show of Fonti gallery. The project was born through the simple and ubiquitous act of one looking up their name on-line. The suite of pictures of Eric Wesley were sourced from the internet in Los Angeles, sent, via e mail to China where they were painted in oils and finally shipped to Italy to be refined and presented. The title of the show ‘reputation’ takes its name from on line services such as which repair and regulate ones on-line existence. Both process and product illustrate the vastness of deoxyribonucleaic acid and its manifestation in our world, biological and virtual.

«In the 1960’s and 70’s people would actually say things like “ we all are one” with earnest. Reputation asks this same question in 2018 with not only the liberal mindset of a philosophical enquiry but also with a more scientific ambition. DNA of all people is, from afar, very similar and diametrically opposed once you get close enough. This coding of reality leaves traces within the artwork of the show, reputation. As far as Art is concerned “reputation” asks the question which is more valuable? an original painting, by, say Edouard Manet or the mug with a printed image of the oil painting available at the gift shop. The “ pricelessness” of fine art swings the other way when one considers an object at face value… you can take a mug home with you, use it to drink from at the same time consume the art».

Notes on international delay

In this age it becomes increasingly difficult to actually get things done and at the same time easier to virtually get things done.
The original idea of the show was using images taken from research engine in United States to realize paintings in China through a website and then sending the paintings to Napoli to be stretched and exhibited. A lot can go wrong within this system and the machine which drives art becomes as interesting as the paintings themselves.

Link: Eric Wesley at Fonti

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