March 24th, 2019

“Discoteca Analitica” at Fri Art 001

Artists: Edmund Alleyn, Archizoom Associati, Udo Breger, John Brockman, Angela Bulloch, William S. Burroughs, Judy Chicago, Catherine Christer Hennix, Creamcheese, François Dallegret, Electric Circus, Evenstructure Research Group, Vidya Gastaldon, Anna and Lawrence Halprin, Derek Jarman / Michael Kostiff / John Maybury / Cerith Wyn Evans, Jacqueline de Jong, Thomas Julier, Morag Keil, Timothy Leary, Léa Lublin, Tobias Madison, Tony Martin, Marie Matusz, Pauline Oliveros, Walter Pichler, Piper Club, PULSA, Paul Ryan, Paul Ryan, Carolee Schneemann, Nicolas Schöffer, Ramon Sender, Sensorium, Willoughby Sharp, Gerd Stern, USCO, Ye Xe

Venue: Fri Art, Fribourg

Exhibition Title: Discoteca Analitica

Curated By: Nicolas Brulhart

Date: February 9 – March 31, 2019

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23.Discoteca Analitica, exhibition view, Fri Art Kunsthalle, 1st floor. Photo © Thomas Julier

20.Discoteca Analitica, exhibition view, Fri Art Kunsthalle. Photo © Thomas Julier

Morag Keil

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Images courtesy of Fri Art Kunsthalle, Fribourg. Photos by Thomas Julier.

Press Release:

Discoteca Analitica reassesses the emergence of multimedia experiments in the Sixties based on the range of early varieties of discotheque. The exhibition offers an immersive experience bringing together Californian counter-culture, pop and psychedelic movements, and pioneers of radical Italian architecture. It is based on unpublished archives and original works. They reveal how music, ecstasy and collective experience, at the heart of these artists’ concerns, have preempted our contemporary digital culture.

Link: “Discoteca Analitica” at Fri Art

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