April 16th, 2019

Group Show at FANTA

Joseph Grigely

Artists: Patricia L. Boyd, Joseph Grigely, Hanne Lippard, Lorenza Longhi, Matteo Pomati

Venue: FANTA, Milan

Exhibition Title: Who knows what the ostrich sees in the sand

Date: March 6 – April 20, 2019

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Matteo Pomati

Hanne Lippard

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Images courtesy of FANTA, Milan. Photos by Roberto Marossi.

Press Release:

In a contemporary society in which effectiveness and efficiency have become normative values, making our lives more functional and aiming at a further increase in the production and at the same time in the consumption of goods and services, also notions such as waste and discards have become part of this closed system. Who knows what the ostrich sees in the sandbrings together artworks and practices that more or less explicitly reflect upon these linear process, at times appropriating some of their elements and rules, complicating their relationship and questioning their normativity.

Right at the entrance, the sculpture Untitled, 2019 by Lorenza Longhi (b. in Lecco, 1991) inspired by USM Haller furniture systems, recreates the feeling of a hypothetical front desk. Almost camouflaging with the context, the sculptures from this series play a game of absorption and reproduction, insinuating a slight suspicion in the viewer, with the purpose of unsettling the conventional system that the original USM furnitures evoke in terms of economic value, design and lifestyle. Hanged on the back of the central wall, the silver silk-screen Untitled (Panoramic Vision II), 2019 acts in the same way, but in this case the object of that process of absorption and reproduction is the written language. On the surface of the fabrics, the artist combines contents taken from the urban landscape as well as magazines, in particular from the 50s, which are then reworked to explore the rhetoric of their messages and open it up to randomness.

Untitled Conversations (Fishing Conversations), 2008, is part Joseph Grigely’s (b. in Longmeadow, 1956) Conversation Pieces, a series of works in which he questions the conditions and circumstances of human interaction through everyday conversations. These wall works are made with paper notes that are fragments from conversations the artist, who is deaf, has had with people who don’t use sign language, transforming a verbal system into a visual one and revealing the hesitations, gaps and repetitions that characterize the spoken language.

Link: Group Show at FANTA

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