May 10th, 2019

Lucie Stahl at Freedman Fitzpatrick


Artist: Lucie Stahl

Venue: Freedman Fitzpatrick, Paris

Exhibition Title: Fuel

Date: March 16 – May 18, 2019

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Freedman Fitzpatrick - Fuel-3350 - HD

Freedman Fitzpatrick - Fuel-3238 - HD


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Images courtesy of Freedman Fitzpatrick, Paris

Press Release:

The most advanced human culture will recognize its natural status when it finally recognizes oil, when it really sees it, and when it recognizes, consequently, the limits not just to growth but to any and all room for maneuver.

– Allan Stoekl, “Oil Culture”

For this exhibition Lucie Stahl has left the pastures of the milkman, the Marie Antoinette-esque land of milk and honey of her recent shows and descended into the manchine room of petrol culture itself, where the milking machines rotate in a yin-yang vortex of raw oil and milk.

It is here where the machinist’s mammary equipment is extracted from its repro-ductive function (i.e giving milk) and gets reproduced. Now the artist is her body, scanned, screwed to a wall, a product.

Stahl has entered this vicious cycle, where the act of taking (i.e. expropriation) and the generosity of giving have both become toxic. She has swallowed up our petro-subjectivist society to finally become a petro-subject herself, no longer the milkman nor the gas jockey/fuel ninja/petrol butler.

Lucie Stahl has become the oil. – Henning Bohl, 2019

Link: Lucie Stahl at Freedman Fitzpatrick

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