July 20th, 2019

Alexandra Noel at Atlantis


Artist: Alexandra Noel

Venue: Atlantis, Marseilles

Exhibition Title: Just a head

Date: May 29 – August 3, 2019

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Images courtesy of Atlantis, Marseilles

Press Release:

One night a husband and wife were laying next to each other in bed under the sheets. The wife tenderly tilted her head towards his. He had the sheets tucked tightly under his chin. The white sheets and the white walls of the bedroom blended into a shadowless haze under a pink light. His head was floating in a fluorescent void. “You’re just a head,” she sat up, looked down at him and laughed. He didn’t say anything. His head was motionless. “Look! You’re just a head!” She said louder, laughing louder, as if he could have seen his own head. This time his head started to move, amplifying the floating head effect. He smirked a little, jerked his head from side to side and made funny faces. She laughed uncontrollably. Taunting him with schoolyard style proclamations, “You’re just a he-ad. You’re just a he-ad. You’re just a hee-aad.” He started laughing too and continued playing his part in their makeshift sketch. His eyes began to water. “Are you crying?” she jabbed. “No,” he sniffed. Tears began to roll down his cheeks but he was still smiling. “You’re crying! My little head is crying,” she exclaimed. “I’m not just a head. I don’t want to be just a head.” He cried and laughed at the same time. She slipped her hand under the sheets and touched his body.

This could be a series in magical thinking. If it is painted, it won’t happen. Or it could be a series of bad premonitions, bad luck or just bad taste. Their bodies don’t work as hard as they do. It will all fail eventually. Would these lovers want the window shade to be opened wide, cracked or closed when the engine fails?

Link: Alexandra Noel at Atlantis

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