November 28th, 2019

Aaron Flint Jamison at Kunst Halle Sankt Gallen


Artist: Aaron Flint Jamison

Venue: Kunst Halle Sankt Gallen

Exhibition Title: Opportunity Zones

Date: October 26 – January 5, 2020

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Images courtesy of Kunst Halle Sankt Gallen

Press Release:

In the United States, an Opportunity Zone, an idiosyncrasy of American tax code codified in the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act that incentivizes development investment, is often abbreviated by real estate developers as ‹OZ›.

A key question for this exhibition: What is going on behind the curtain?

It is not an exception here that sculptor, poet, print- and bookmaker, Aaron Flint Jamison addresses structural issues in his practice. Moreover, «Opportunity Zones» in the Kunst Halle Sankt Gallen raises up the imminently relevant questions of responsibility, that of individuals, public institutions, governments, and corporations. What kind of ‹opportunity zone› is an exhibition?

There is no medium and no artistic form of expression that Jamison avoids or does not seek in his research on the function and functioning of systems. He has even founded a magazine (‹Veneer›) and an institution (Yale Union in Portland, Oregon) for this purpose. They are the symptomatic incarnation of his networked practice and have established themselves as leading voices in today’s American art scene. Kunst Halle Sankt Gallen is pleased to host one of Jamison’s rare solo exhibitions, for which the artist has realized a completely new production. Jamison’s interest in printed matter, new technologies, project-specific materials, the pace and manner in which information flow, and also holes in the art system, play an important role in this OZ.

Aaron Flint Jamison’s exhibition «Opportunity Zones» at Kunst Halle Sankt Gallen is accompanied by the new edition of his serial publication ‹Veneer›.

Aaron Flint Jamison (*1979 in Montana/US) lives and works in Portland/US. He received his Master of Fine Arts from the San Francisco Art Institute in 2006. Solo exhibitions (selection): Miguel Abreu Gallery, New York/US (2017 and 2015); Galerie Max Mayer, Düsseldorf/DE (2017); Pied-à-terre, Ottsville/US (2016); Air de Paris, Paris/FR (2015 and 2012); ETH Zürich, Zurich/CH (2015); Artists Space, New York/US (2013); Cubitt, London/UK (2013); Centre d’édition contemporaine, Geneva/CH (2012); Artspeak, Vancouver/CA (2012); castillo/corrales, Paris/FR (2011); Open Satellite, Bellevue/US (2010). Group exhibitions (selection): S.M.A.K., Ghent/BE (2018); Secession, Vienna/AT (2018), Whitney Biennial, New York/US (2017), Liverpool Biennial, Liverpool/UK (2014).
Aaron Flint Jamison is the co-founder of the art center Yale Union in Portland/US and of the artist-run center Department of Safety, which operated from 2002 until 2010 in Anacortes/US. Jamison is the founder and editor of the ongoing serial publication ‹Veneer Magazine›, established in 2007.

Link: Aaron Flint Jamison at Kunst Halle Sankt Gallen

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