November 11th, 2019

Karin Sander at Hussenot


Artist: Karin Sander

Venue: Hussenot, Paris

Date: October 12 – November 16, 2019

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Images courtesy of Hussenot, Paris. Photos by Andrea Rossetti.

Press Release:

The work of Karin Sander is open and multi-facetted. She is not a studio artist in the conventional sense. Her works originate in a large variety of situations, such as the structure or the purpose of a space or the traces and mechanical damages of soiled and scratched canvases during unprotected mail delivery. Patina Paintings (Gebrauchsbilder) are ready-made canvases in standard formats that Karin Sander leaves at a selected location for a limited, defined period of time. They absorb and reproduce the specific patina of this location. Usually the artist choses environments that unavoidably leave their mark on the canvas: for example, gardens, balconies, cellars, terraces, or waterfronts. Over a period, traces of the environment, like dust, stains, mold, marks of rain, snow or earth, start to be visible on the canvas. The transformed painting then becomes a unique testimony of the time spent at the certain location and thus in way a portrait of that place.

But the starting point can also be the manual processing of a certain material, it was the case in her glass project for which she collaborated with Berlin Glas e.V. That association had invited the artist to develop new works involving the traditional material. To begin with Karin Sander tried to understand glass, its properties and texture with her analytical gaze before developing objects that render these very experiences visible. Most of all, the slow viscosity of glass, its reaction to heat and cold inform its processing and design.

Link: Karin Sander at Hussenot

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