April 30th, 2020

Hannah Weinberger at Nicolas Krupp

Artist: Hannah Weinberger

Venue: Nicolas Krupp, Basel

Date: February 28 – May 9, 2020

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Hannah Weinberger, Is it and are you – bound?, 2020, (excerpt), 00:35

Images courtesy of Nicolas Krupp, Basel

Press Release:

Is it and are you – bound? Are those the vectors that delineate who we are, our poetics of reality? With eyes but through my disputed body what I see is a filter bubble – a lonely pleasure – painfully aware of its ‘independence’ its ‘individuality’ its framings. Is this periphery we see heading straight back to the pleasures we despise? Gently swaying in contemplation – safe, highly adictive and kindly stimulating like a lullaby. A place of sight I have no option but to approach this through the tactility of being bound.

Link: Hannah Weinberger at Nicolas Krupp

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