April 22nd, 2020

Josh Kline at Various Small Fires

Artist: Josh Kline

Venue: Various Small Fires, Seoul

Exhibition Title: Alternative Facts

Date: April 11 – May 23, 2020

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Images courtesy of Various Small Fires, Los Angeles/ Seoul

Press Release:

Various Small Fires is pleased to present the first solo exhibition in Asia of the American artist Josh Kline, an extension of the artist’s project Civil War, which explores the catastrophic implications of America’s political dysfunction.

For over a decade as an artist and curator, Kline has surveyed the current and potential future world crises emerging from the political, economic, technological, and biological conditions inherent in neoliberal capitalism. Kline, who often presents dystopian visions of societal breakdown in his immersive installations, concentrates in his concise exhibition at Various Small Fires on the toxic power of America’s current media ecology, with six wall-mounted sculptures. The American flag, often referred to as “Old Glory,” is forged and transformed by Kline. In his new sculptures, the flags fold, collide, and dissolve, referencing the animated nationalist symbols, graphics, and political advertisements that often appear in the American news media and political propaganda driving America’s ongoing, slow-motion disintegration.

The double-sided sculptures, anchored by extendable wall brackets, are cast from flat screen televisions made by leading Korean technology brands LG and Samsung—the most common brands of televisions in American homes. The works draw attention to their own construction in order to reference global trade conditions, the loss of manufacturing jobs to automation and outsourcing, and the impact of national political events across international borders. Kline’s televisions allude to dehumanization, the monopolization of media, and the relentlessness of “fake news.” Alternative Facts invites viewers to consider how we witness on our screens, on a daily basis, the distortion of political reality by increasingly authoritarian governments.

Link: Josh Kline at Various Small Fires

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