April 10th, 2020

Group Show at Interface

Artists: Rebeca Bollinger, June Crespo, Miguel Marina

Venue: Interface, Oakland

Exhibition Title: No Part Left Out

Date: February 22 – April 5, 2020

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Images courtesy of the artists and Interface, Oakland

Press Release:

Interface Gallery is pleased to present No Part Left Out, featuring work by Rebeca Bollinger, June Crespo and Miguel Marina. As this exhibition opens, the grey branches of leafless trees stand starkly in clear winter light. There is a sense that life energy is building beneath the surfaces of everything.

In their explorations of dust, the void, and silence, artists such as Duchamp, Yves Klein and John Cage embraced impermanence and emptiness as fertile ground, containing infinite possibility. They recognized the integral relationship between absence and presence. As Cage wrote in his Lecture on Something (1951), “something and nothing are not opposed to each other but need each other to keep on going…”  (1) 

Works presented in this exhibition evoke impermanence, absence and loss. Rebeca Bollinger’s bronze bouquet is cast from flowers now long gone. June Crespo’s concrete cast of a radiator lies cold on the floor, poignantly recalling a body drained of heat. Yet these absences bring to mind the living flower, the warm body – and they  heighten our awareness of our own embodied presence. 

Barely legible gestures appearing and disappearing on the surface of Miguel Marina’s paintings suggest the passage of time. Yet, they also offer us a formless space that is infinitely open. Something is always ending, yet something new is always arising.


1) Douglas Fogle, “All or Nothing,” in All of This and Nothing by Douglas Fogle and Anne Ellegood. DelMonico Books/Prestel, 2011. 

Link: Group Show at Interface

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