April 16th, 2020

Rosa Rendl at Kunstraum Weikendorf

Artist: Rosa Rendl

Venue: Kunstraum Weikendorf

Exhibition Title: Rejection

Date: September 14, 2019 – April 12, 2020

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Images courtesy of Kunstraum Weikendorf, Weikendorf

Press Release:

REJECTION – a rejection, a refusal or being rejected. Do you have a passive or an active position? Rejection as a reaction, the fear of being turned down, a moment of repetition – a cycle begins.

This choreography of social coexistence arises intrinsically between closeness and distance, an inside and an outside, the self and the opponent.

A carpet symbolizes this dualism by metaphorically negotiating two opposing worlds. Like a symbolic bearer it unites private space with the public through its inviting gesture. It is often soft, can be walked on and sit on, or serves as an accomplice to social warmth. Its colors and patterns have meaning, in addition to cultural backgrounds, they reveal aesthetic preferences.

In this exhibition, the formats of the carpets take up the dimensions of the room, reflect the conditions, become floor runners or cover the wall reminiscent of tapestries. Each work acts like a room in itself, “A Room of One’s Own” indicates the importance of a closed area in the private sphere, in the safety of which an opening is only possible.

In the photos we see objects of everyday life depicted in the interior, look into the life of a person through the abstract magnification of the lens of a camera.
Almost like a doubling of the window into the art space, our view penetrates into another inner space. The terms FEAR, EGO, OPPORTUNITY, IDYLL and RESPONSE also take up this intimacy of inner experience. The individual words describe subjective states of a feeling and inscribe themselves on the carpet like emotional starting points. A textual ornament results from the typeface of emotions. A web of social conditions and circumstances. The nexus between text and illustration is the connection between an I and a You. A network of relationships that interweaves in the direction of a host like the threading of threads into a fabric.

Barbara Rüdiger

Link: Rosa Rendl at Kunstraum Weikendorf

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