June 5th, 2020

Ola Vasiljeva at Pori Art Museum

Artist: Ola Vasiljeva

Venue: Pori Art Museum, Pori

Exhibition Title: LONG FAREWELLS

Date: March 20 – September 27, 2020

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Ola Vasiljeva at Pori Art Museum, LONG FAREWELLS, installation, 2020, 04:27

Images courtesy of Pori Art Museum, Pori. Photos by Erkki Valli-Jaakola

Press Release:

Long Farewells engages with the Pori Art Museum primarily through its architectural ancestry. Formerly a weigh house, the building in the town port had a transitive, measuring, evaluating function. It was a threshold space, made for the passage of goods, for their transition via a temporary halt, display and estimation.

As if subjected to a similar transition, Vasiljeva’s artworks are passersby in this liminal space. The exhibition, consisting of a multi-layered arrangement of artifacts, materials, and media, brings together works, old and new, and echoes the artist’s longstanding interest in the relationship between display and backstage — that is, the relationship between the displayed and the allegedly never displayed.

Link: Ola Vasiljeva at Pori Art Museum

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