July 6th, 2020

February James at Luce Gallery

Artist: February James

Venue: Luce Gallery, Turin

Exhibition Title: I Painted Flowers For You

Date: May 28 – July 14, 2020

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Images courtesy of Luce Gallery, Turin

Press Release:

In Turin, from 28 May to 14 July 2020, Luce Gallery presents the solo show I Painted Flowers For You of February James.
The African American artist is inspired by an autobiographical narrative, which captures the essence of people rather than their physicality. Drawing on aspects of her own identity and experiences lived in the family environment, she unmasks the Self in hardly accessible moments. To reflect on sexuality and the body, on death and the subconscious, she explores what hovers at the margins.

A succession of different faces in the paintings and drawings – conceived preferring watercolor, oil pastels and graphite powder – expresses deep and often hidden emotions. Through bright colors and distorted forms, February James represents the intangible of emotional core, as it can appear in memories and dreams. Interested in the projection that the viewer elaborates on the work, she investigates the determining factors in the construction of the Self and questions the concept of truth conditioned by the structures through which it is perceived.

The decomposed figures portrayed up close invite those who contemplate them to attribute subjective characterizations, which depend on relational processes constantly active in the individual memory.
The Cut-Outs works on shaped wood with canvas stretched over it and the subjects painted in segments or broken by the line of a new page led the artist to explore more intensely the fragmentation of the human psyche.

February James (Washington, D.C.) lives and works in Los Angeles, California. More recently, in 2019 her works have been exhibited in the group show Punch presented at Jeffrey Deitch in Los Angeles. In recent years, the African American artist has worked on collaborations with Solange Knowles and Diplo, for which she conceived the artwork of the ep California (2018).


Link: February James at Luce Gallery

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