July 24th, 2020

Park McArthur at Essex Street

During the months of July and August Essex Street will be open.

Starting Wednesday July 15 and continuing through Friday August 21, Park McArthur will present artworks in the gallery’s location at 55 Hester Street in New York, on the gallery’s website at exhibition146.essexstreet.biz and elsewhere. The gallery will be open to visitors from Tuesday to Friday from 12-6 PM and the entrance door to the gallery’s storefront will be propped open. Visitor guidelines can be found at essexstreet.biz. The artwork will be on view at all times.

A sculpture I made from my ventilator’s disposable filters hangs in the gallery foyer. Ventilators use forced air to aid the rhythmics of breath. (For now I use my ventilator when I sleep.) I change these filters every three to six weeks as they become grey from debris. Last fall I began saving some of the materials of my mechanically-dependent breath in order to preserve possible connections between dreaming and debility. Each filter fits into the end of the next filter.

Edition 1 of 10 and 2 of 10 of another artwork are also present. Edition 1 hangs in the elevator room at street level and Edition 2 is spread across the main space. All editions of this artwork begin with a two page printout and expand to include more copies as needed. The elevator room displays a single set whereas the main space exhibits fourteen. As laid out in my own room, for example, one copy is taped next to a window, one by the bathroom door, and four along a wall. On the gallery website the pages are installed here: exhibition146.essexstreet.biz/formfoundfiguringitout_show.pdf.

I made the two pages to resemble the text and markings on a device called an incentive spirometer. In units of milliliters incentive spirometers attempt to measure the volume of a breath of air. They are designed for users to compare their breaths numerically and to encourage diaphragmatic movement through slow deep breathing. The devices are made up of a plastic tube and mouthpiece, an indicator, two airway chambers, a bobbin, one lined chart marking volume and another one marking the accuracy of the reading. I use them for inspiration (exhalation follows).

As a print, the numbers, texts and logos of the incentive spirometer are rendered as they would appear from inside the device.

The exhibition exists as an audio described and captioned video here: exhibition146.essexstreet.biz#video

The exhibition exists as images with alt texts here: exhibition146.essexstreet.biz#images

This exhibition is McArthur’s third at the gallery and continues the artist’s engagement with artworks’ reliance on multiple sites of reception. Previous presentations at Essex Street include During the month of August ESSEX STREET will be closed, 2013 and Ramps, 2014. McArthur has also had solo exhibitions at the Museum of Modern Art New York, 2018-19; San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, 2017; Chisenhale Gallery, London, 2016. McArthur has also participated in group exhibitions including the Carnegie International, Pittsburgh, 2018; Whitney Biennial, New York, 2017; Bienal de São Paulo, Brazil, 2016; Greater New York, PS1, Queens, 2015 among others.

On August 15, 2020 McArthur will open an exhibition at Kunsthalle Bern in Bern, Switzerland and at kunsthalle-bern.ch.

To schedule a skype, zoom, or facetime exhibition tour please email info@essexstreet.biz or call 917-675-6681.

During the months of July and August Essex Street will be open.


Artist: Park McArthur

Venue: Essex Street, New York

Exhibition Title: Edition One and Two Fantasies

Date: July 15 – August 21, 2020

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Park McArthur, Edition One and Two Fantasies, July 15 – August 21, 2020, ESSEX STREET, New York

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Images courtesy of Essex Street, New York

Link: Park McArthur at Essex Street

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