August 16th, 2020

Erwin Gross, Ross Bleckner at Bernd Kugler

Artists: Erwin Gross, Ross Bleckner

Venue: Bernd Kugler, Innsbruck

Exhibition Title: Dialog der Bilder

Proposed By: Rafael Jablonka

Date: July 10 – August 28, 2020

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Images courtesy of Bernd Kugler, Innsbruck

Press Release:

Erwin Gross (born 1953) and Ross Bleckner (born 1949) have been working for 50 years with the medium of painting, which has been declared dead for at least the same amount of time. The paintings of both artists are abstract and realistic at the same time. You could see them from both angles if you wanted to. With Within this aporia paradox and polarity the oeuvres of both artists were created: they make use of a “language” that conveys to us a reality that would not exist without this condition. The paintings denote something that transcends them and their material nature, a reality that could be colloquially called “the world around us”. We see flowers there, are they flowers? We see still lives, landscapes or natural phenomena. But do we really see them?

What we see are images. Painting is a condensation, an abstraction–a form that does not exist outside of the picture and also eludes words and must remain unsayable. unpronounceable. The metaphors that painting uses are beyond the reach of ordinary literary language. The situation is similar with poetry.

It, too, is unattainable for in prose, in its secret agency. entirety. The paintings of Ross Bleckner and Erwin Gross let us look into a world that lies both within us and in front of us. They create it for us–without spectacle, unspectacular, but, at least for some of us, haunting.

Link: Erwin Gross, Ross Bleckner at Bernd Kugler

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